Using Social Media to Influence Microsoft Monday, Jun 29 2009 

The exchange that is happing between Microsoft and some innovative social media users over Outlook 2010 is more interesting in how it is happening than the actual debate. Twitter, blogs, and web 2.0 are all being used to exchange information, make points, and influence decision makers.

You can find the main page for the those claiming Outlook 2010 needs to be fixed here.

Microsoft’s Outlook team’s blog response is here.

My take? Fat desktop clients are rapidly becoming less important for e-mail. For the next generation information worker, webmail is e-mail. So “fixing Outlook” is a bit irrelevant and not the real question, but this method of exchanging the ideas and opinions is fascinating.


Burton Group Catalyst Conference Monday, Jun 15 2009 

The preparations for the Burton Group Catalyst Conference in San Diego are in full swing. I had the opportunity this morning to listen and review dry runs of several of the presentations in the Future Work: Any Time, Any Place track. This set of dry runs were the presentations for The Economy and the Gen-Y Workforce: Forcing New Collaboration Models part of the track. Much of the content is based on study by Mike Gotta on the current state of social networking in the enterprise. It is always good to have so much great content that it is difficult to decide what is the most important to present.

For my part, I will be presenting in the Networks for Dynamic Enterprises – Unified Communications: Still the Next-Gen Phone System? and the Future Work: Any Time, Any Place – SaaS: What Can I Do Today? tracks. My dry runs are later this week and into next week.