I blogged yesterday on the CCS blog about “Zimbra for Sale?”. The blog lists several vendors in the e-mail / collaboration market and my thoughts on the potential for them to acquire Zimbra. Of all of them, I think Adobe is one of the most interesting to watch, at the moment.

Adobe’s strengths have been the creation and packaging of content. As Adobe looks to grow leveraging its strengths, expanding into communication and collaboration is a logical direction. But Adobe is doing it with a twist – a focus on SaaS (as evidenced by their recent acquisition of Omniture), while still providing on-premise capabilities. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro is a great example. Adobe’s strategy plays well to what most enterprises are interested in – a hybrid model of SaaS and on-premise for their communication and collaboration technologies that gives them control over where the data sits.

If Adobe does add e-mail at some point, it will be interesting to see if they can make headway against Microsoft and IBM. Potentially, they could capture a market position as the alternative to Microsoft and IBM for the enterprise for communication and collaboration technology.