Here are six links to recent stories on court cases and e-mail:

U.S. Court Weighs E-mail Privacy, Again — Privacy – InformationWeek

This case raises the question of whether or not e-mail messages should have the same privacy as telephone calls with regards to legal situations, particularly when the e-mail is in the hands of a service provider.

Your Rights Online: An Inbox Is Not a Glove Compartment

“A federal judge rules that government can obtain access to a person’s inbox contents without any notification to the subscriber.”

What Did Cuomo Find in Intel’s Emails?

E-mail is used to build the case against Intel.

The Bear Stearns Verdict: A Blow to E-Mail Prosecutions
“It does not mean all white-collar cases will not go forward, but I do think it will cause prosecutors to come to the conclusion that e-mail evidence alone is not enough to bring a case.”

FINRA fines MetLife Securities, affiliates

Finra fines MetLife $1.2M  for poor  e-mail monitoring.

Some Courts Raise Bar on Reading Employee Email

Courts starting to side with employee privacy in relation to corporate provided e-mail


The “net-net” of these articles is that e-mail and case law is still very dynamic environment.