While doing research for my upcoming web conferencing overview document, I was discussing with the folks at the Adobe the perceived value of web conferencing in relation to being “green.”  With new announcements almost daily from companies announcing their “green” efforts (For example, IBM’s latest announcement in it’s Big Green initiative), being green in IT is growing in popularity and trendy.     

The folks at Adobe showed me a nifty little application pod for Adobe Connect Pro from RefinedData that calculates, based on the IP address of attendees, the carbon footprint savings by attending a web conference meeting instead of traveling to the host location.  The add-in is called Footprints.  The screenshot below gives you a feel for it:

Footprints Preview


The idea is that the Footprints add-in will show attendees and the organization how much carbon they have saved the planet through the use of the Connect Pro conferencing tool.  If you are a Connect Pro customer, the add-in might be a way to tout your “greenness” –  if that is worth the $295 license fee from RefinedData to you.  You can download a free trial version here.

Another web conferencing vendor, iLinc, is expending a fairly significant effort to tout it’s iLinc Green Meter:


The gist of these tools is to provide some method to track and measure the benefit of web conferencing in relation to Green initiatives by organizations.  While the scientific accuracy of the real environmental benefit could probably be argued, the marketing value seems to be on the rise with the trendy and politially correct efforts to “show your greenness.”