Today’s Burton Group CCS Blog Thursday, Sep 10 2009 

My entry today on the Burton Group CCS blog – How to Tell When Your Vendor is Just Not That Into You.


A Friday Blog Friday, Sep 4 2009 

For those of you looking for something a little lighter to read on Fridays, especially before a holiday weekend, I recommend Scott Adam’s blog. Occasionally, he has some really creative technology insights, like the one on calendaring I referred to in my CCS blog a few months back. Mr Adam’s blog is worth reading and a lot of fun.

The Power of the Blog Monday, Dec 29 2008 

As I research, review, and analyze collaboration technologies – like everyone else – I get caught up in the technicalities and sometimes forget that collaboration is first, and foremost, about people working together. This CNN article illustrates the power of blog technology making a difference. Something to ponder when technicalities bog you down…

Blog ‘miracle’ saves Christmas for hard-luck family